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Chapter 1

Importance of Talent in Colorado

In today’s competitive and customer service-focused world, talent is rapidly becoming the means by which companies must differentiate themselves in order to grow and excel.

Today, talent is frequently viewed as a commodity rather than as an asset. Focusing on talent will elevate the Colorado brand as a place where the best and the brightest want to live and work, while also driving productivity.

Educating today’s youth is the key to driving economic development and bringing top companies to Colorado.

Ken Lund, Former OEDIT Executive Director

If we are going to command a premium in the marketplace, then we need people who have the ability to deliver premium quality, resonate with our values, and support our thought leadership position.

Scott Sternberg, President, Vaisala Inc

There is a large influx of people coming to Colorado and broadening the talent pool. In 2014 Colorado experienced net migration of ~50,000 people; that is, ~207,000 people moved into Colorado while ~166,000 moved out. Colorado is ranked fifth highest among all U.S. states for net migration.

In 2013 Colorado ranked as the seventh-least native state in the U.S. Across the U.S., the average share of adults who were born in the state where they currently reside is 63 percent, while our native (i.e., born in Colorado) population is only 47 percent.

With a workforce flocking to Colorado from all over the country, the talent pool is broader than ever.

But how can companies ensure they are getting the skills they need for business success, and matching the right workers with the right jobs?