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The 2015 Innovation Report

Talent In Colorado

A Study By The Colorado Innovation Network

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The Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) was launched in 2011 as a catalyst for economic prosperity through innovation by partnering with government, business and civil society to foster collaboration around the four pillars of Talent, Ideas, Capital and Entrepreneurship. Each year, COIN publishes a report on Colorado’s innovation progress examining data and statistics across these key components of an innovative ecosystem and assessing Colorado’s related performance.

This year, the COIN innovation report focuses almost entirely on the pillar of Talent, capturing the perspectives of leaders across our state. We believe that our people can offer the greatest insights into nascent trends, and we are excited to share their insightful viewpoints which collectively paint a promising picture of our workforce of the future.

We are working to further strengthen the business environment of Colorado—recruiting, retaining and growing companies here in the state—and we believe that one of our greatest assets lies in the

talent of Coloradans. Great efforts are underway to connect and nurture the talent pipeline.

We are committed to the economic development of our great state, and will put our efforts toward conquering our challenges in order to build a strong Colorado workforce for years to come.


John W. Hickenlooper, Governor